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Where Our Globetrotters Want To Go Next

Fin McCarthy – Global News Editor

Wants to visit: Musées Yves Saint Laurent Paris and Marrakesh, France and Morocco

Two museums dedicated to the iconic French designer are opening in Paris and Marrakesh.

When a trip involves Marrakesh or Paris, two of my favourite cities, I’m always excited. But add Yves St Laurent to the mix – the man who introduced ‘le tuxedo’ for women and whose influence on the catwalk today is still undeniable – and I’m storming the departure gates. This year two new museums are opening, celebrating the designer’s incredible legacy. His former Paris atelier, which is being refurbished to its former glory, allows visitors the opportunity to get a sense of his work process, while also immersing themselves in the city of haute couture. Or take a trip to Morocco to drink in the electric blue of the designer’s Jardin Majorelle, which he bequeathed to Marrakesh, and where the new museum will display his work. But why not make both pilgrimages? I know I will.

Alex Butler – Global News Reporter

Wants to visit: New Holland Island, St Petersburg

The historic island has been transformed into a vibrant public space.

So much of St Petersburg’s allure lies in its wealth of history. But for me,New Holland Island, with its focus on public space and the arts, is a perfect addition to Russia’s cultural capital. The project seems poised to bring a burst of modernity to the historic city, providing a place for locals and travellers to go skating, visit food carts or even see a concert – the perfect way to kick back after a long visit to the Hermitage. Strolling onto the formerly restricted naval island will not only provide an interesting insight into the city’s past, but also a glimpse of its future.

James Martin – Global News Reporter

Wants to visit: Prince’s Paisley Park

An incredibly intimate look at the life and work of Prince.

As I’m a devoted follower of Prince’s music, the opening of hisMinnesota estate Paisley Park is one of the most exciting new developments in travel for 2017. Fans of the iconic performer will no doubt be aware of the unique spirit and impressive output of His Royal Purpleness, who used the 65,000 square-foot complex as his creative sanctuary. From recording a string of hit records and feature films to the manufacturing of clothing for upcoming tours, everything was done on site either personally or under the watchful eye of the industrious perfectionist. Following his death, Paisley Park has grown to represent sheer creativity and artistic opportunity. The idea of getting a first-hand look at the inner sanctum of one of music’s most enigmatic characters will no doubt excite and inspire many travellers and music fans alike.

AnneMarie McCarthy – Social News Coordinator

Wants to visit: Art 42, Paris

An eclectic collection of art salvaged from the streets and created especially for the space.

I know the idea of street art being displayed in a museum seems contradictory and, on many levels, it is. Yes, the joy of street art lies in the serendipitous discovery, but the museum’s careful curation reflects this feeling of surprise. While there is a beauty in the temporary, fleeting nature of the pieces, bad weather, officials or taggers soon make their unwelcome mark on it. Many of these artworks have been taken from the streets with the aim of preserving them, while some have been created specifically for the museum. They brighten up the space of this non-profit school where students pay no tuition and, most importantly, remain free to see to anyone with an interest in one of the world’s most exciting art forms.

Megan Eaves – Destination Editor for North Asia

Wants to visit: Shanghai Tower

The world’s second tallest building and the highest observation deck on earth.

There is nothing quite like seeing Shanghai from above, and the city keeps on giving with towers that soar higher and higher. Shanghai Tower takes this to the next level – being able to look down on the 101-storey Shanghai World Financial Center will be a breathtaking moment.  Even from Shanghai’s smaller skyscrapers, there is something peaceful about seeing the Pudong River like a tiny slip of water winding its way through a forest of apartment blocks and high rises. And from the Tower’s observation deck on the 118th floor (the world’s highest!), they will appear like a million tiny pins. For a moment, the chaos of the world, and Shanghai’s frenetic pace, will seem like another planet.